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1996 Silverado z71 wont start bg turn of key Please help !!&#3



Hi. I have a 96 z71 Silverado 5.7 vortec I can't seem to get running by turning the key all the way the blower moter for my air relay clicks when I turn the key when I hit the electric seat button the lights in the truck go off and I hear another click from somewhere else I do not know where that one is coming from r why it is doing that etc. So I have replace the safety neatrul switch the ignition and actuator A/Trans shift lk control under the dash that connects to the shifter oh yeah and the blower motor relay which I mentioned urlyer. And all my relays and fuses r reading on on my vom meter OK now to the nitty gritty when I take a scrap piece of wire and send the yellow wire on the ignition to ground with the key turned on the truck cranks up . Also when I send either side of the the crank fuse to ground the truck cranks up. So I do not know what the prob can be can somebody please help me thanks.

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Some punctuation would be a good start. :nonod:


I'm not going to spend time trying to decode that. Too many misspelled words and no punctuation makes it extremely hard to decipher.

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Have you checked to make sure your battery terminals are clean and tight? Make sure the battery is fully charged. I would then start investigating your starter.


I had a dead spot in my starter and the truck wouldn't even click. I also replaced my positive lead going to the starter.


If you're getting a click from the starter then I would think it is either a bad connection or wire.

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