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Another larger tire size question.


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Hey you guys I know there are a lot of threads on this subject already but was hoping for some specific help.


I currently have 245/70/17 tires on my stock 2012 with a 2" level kit.


I want to fill in the wheel wells some more since these look like midget tires at this point.


I was thinking 265 or 275? Leaning towards 275. I am going for a street truck look not off-road since it is only a 4x2.


Recommendations? Anyone have picks of a 275/70/17 on their GMC stock rims?


Thanks guys.

Also will I need to re-calibrate my speedo?

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i am in the same boat except I have a 4x4,Take a look at the Cooper discoverer AT3.Cooper also makes some nice highway tires.Michelin also are deserving of a look also for the look you are going for.275 or even 285 may work.Only about 1/2 inch difference in overall diameter between the 275 vs 285 looking at coopers spec sheet.Section width is also about the same approx 1/2 inch.

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