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Recirculation button might not be working?


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In my previous Silverados, if I was behind some big diesel dump truck, school bus, or some other area with "odors" (city compost center, etc), I would kick on recirculate and problem was solved. I could also hear a change in the fan after pressing the button.


On my 2014, I still get all that diesel exhaust, and there is no change in the sound of the fan. The recirculate light comes on, but I don't think it's working.


Can you others to a test for me... put the fan on high, and switch recirculate on and off... can you hear a difference in sound? Has anyone else experienced possible recirculation issues?




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I don't hear a difference, but I smell a difference. I have been in the same situation. Some horrible smell start permeating the cab, and I hit the recirculate button and the smell almost instantly goes away.

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So after some more investigation:


It seems that if I am using the front dash vents, the recirculation button indeed works. Fan changes, you hear a mechanical sound/flap, smells different.


However, if you are using the floor vents (heat), the recirculation button has no effect. No sound, no fan change, still blowing outside air in. My guess is software bug? I unhooked the battery for a while and then let the system reset, I heard all the actuators run... but same results.

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On my 2005 ECSB it wouldn't let you select recirculate while on defrost and a couple of other settings. You would press the recirculate button and it would flash the little orange LED a couple of times and then the LED would would turn off. But once you selected the front dash vents it would stay in recirculate mode.


I haven't tried it on my '14 but I would assume that the same applies.


I will test in the morning and report back

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I have seen that on earlier vehicles as well. However, unless I'm having a serious brain fart, my 2011 with climate control allowed me to use recirculate on floor, but not defrost/windshield.

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