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1996 Sierra 1500 coolant in cab

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mine did that... had to change the core...... not a bad or expensive job



That would be my thinking as well. Check hose for tightness making sure water is not leaking from that point and getting through the firewall

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I would pressurize the system and see if it looses pressure. Also while being pressured I would be looking around the heater core area for signs of coolant. I had a friend of mine have his core changed in a GM conversion van. When they got it out there wasn't anything wrong with the core. After all was said done they figured it was a clamp that was a little loose and when pressure built up it would push the coolant into the heater box. And then leak under the dash. This was done at a GM dealership. So don't be in a hurry to condemn the core. Diagnose it then repair it.

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As suggested, I wouldn't be in a rush to rip out a heater core. Tighten up the hose clamp and see if that solves the issue. The factory GM hose clamp could be simply losing it's spring tension and need to be replaced. You may have just had some slight leakage of antifreeze past the grommet in the firewall when pulling off the hose.

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