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USB Jack noise

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Has anyone else noticed that if you plug in a high draw item into the USB (like an iPad) it makes a static sound from the jack? It is most noticeable in the center console as it acts like a big speaker. They all seem to do it. It sounds a little like white noise. I only noticed it when I do this while the vehicle is off.


Anyone else?



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I have this and have taken it to the shop. I was dismayed to find that my loaner does the same thing. It is like a cd drive reading a damaged disk - mechanical whirring spurting sound. I noticed that it does not make this sound with the USB drive inside the closed part of the console. Only the one in the open part of the console connecting to the dash.


Sometimes it gets pretty loud. Its nice to have a super quiet truck that makes its own annoying noises inside....

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I took mine in to have it looked at. Ever since I first heard this noise it has driven me nuts. I thought surely they would fix it. However, apparently this is "normal". The GM rep told the dealer that it is the sound a USB port makes while "reading data". That is such a load of crap. GM is basically is just saying that we dont give a damn and hope you are dumb enough to believe our excuse. I am sure that it is a actually a substandard DC-DC converter that is making the noise. The one in the enclosed part of the console does not do it.


I encourage other folks to try this and see if we can get GM fix this.

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