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Hello all, at the age of 50 (yikes). And from a family of always GM tucks and cars, figured it was time to join up to learn and share experiences.

I've been a heavy equipment and truck mechanic for 30 years (so are my father and 2 brothers).

Sorry for this long list, but I'm proud of my current and past Bowtie rigs.

Current: '14 1500 4x4, '02 2500HD 4x4, '01 S10 2wd,

Previous : (true) '94 1500 4x4, '94 1500 2wd, '91 S10 2wd, '90 1500 1500 2wd, '86 K10, '80 K30, '79 C30, '73 K5, '73 K10, '72 K20, '70 C10

Bought most of these new, and heavily modified most

Also have a '92 Jeep YJ with425 hp 350, 350 trans, 205 t case, 9" rear, 44 front 4:88's, lockers. 35" boggers. (my get crazy baby).

Thanx for listening, once I get started, hard to stop :-)

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