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2014 Engine Computer ??

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Does anyone know if the engine computers used in the 2014 truck are of the self learning and adjusting type?


Example: If you installed a Cat back system or a Cold air Intake.


1. Will the Computer learn the changes made and self adjust with the end resulting increase in efficiency and power?


2. What are the limitations of the Computer?


I do know that to get the best overall results, It will require a custom tune. Please do not state it.

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The computer uses the info from the mass air meter to figure out how much is coming in to provide the proper fuel amounts. Wit that there are a couple adaptive tables for short term and long term fuel trims based off of the info from the front O2 sensors.


With that a catback and CAI will be fine as the ECM can keep up with them, throw in a set of headers though and a tune will be needed for the most power.

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Short answer, YES. Just as precvous poster stated... You will be fine with aftermarket Intake (I can't consciously call it a cold air intake because all of them pass equal to or hotter air than a stock intake) and cat back but with more gains to be had with custom tune.

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