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Cluster upgrade options?

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I have a 2010 Sierra SL with the 4.8 and 4 speed transmission. This model came with the instrument cluster that does not have oil pressure gauge or voltmeter. I am fairly certain I can buy a cluster from an SLE model, have it programmed with my VIN, mileage, and hours run then install it, and it should work.


What I am wondering though is the existing cluster already equipped with all the parts except the actual gauges? For example, does it already have the correct circuit board(I cannot for the life of me remember what the thin flexible plastic circuit board is called), correct gauge mount already in place? What I am asking is can I just go to dealer and get the two gauges, and the two bezels to get the 6 gauge cluster? Main advantage of this would be not needing any programming done.


The other way that might also work is to buy a cluster off of eBay, and move my existing speed over to the new cluster. I don't know where the cluster gets programmed or where it is stored, but it must be somewhere in the cluster.

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There is an Ebayer; digital-dash-solutions offering to add these gauges to your cluster for $175. You still have the cost of shipping your cluster, and the new trim/bezel for six gauges. They state no dealer programming required. They modify your cluster.


I am not sure if your gauge cluster circuit board has the circuitry for the extra two gauges. It would be worth the trouble to pull it out and open it up and take a look.


If the board is "gauge ready" I think all you would need is the two stepper motors, gauge needles, gauge overlay, and gauge trim/bezel piece.


If NOT "gauge ready" I am not sure exactly what would have to be transferred from your cluster to a six gauge cluster to retain VIN, mileage and hours. Rather than transfer parts, it might be easier/cheaper to have a speedo shop or dealer reprogram this info into an "ebay" six gauge cluster.


Keep us updated on what you find if you open your cluster.

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Nothing happened yet. I have to take the cluster out and see what is actually in there. I have asked a few ebay sellers, and get the usual generic answer that tells you nothing. Being in Canada, access to anyplace that does cluster work is out of country. Sending the cluster out for a rework takes the vehicle off the road for a couple of weeks, mostly due to how couriers deal with out of country shipments. They all like to charge a stupid high dollar "brokerage" fee that effectively makes any cluster mod not worth it.


Ebay sellers all want to know the part number on the housing I currently have before they will discuss anything in regards to selling a cluster. Complete clusters have to be programmed, local dealers get a deer in the headlights look when asked about doing this.


To me, the simple solution is to just either add the two gauges to my cluster, or, swap my speedo/tach to new cluster. Having never seen inside to know what it looks like, I do not know if that is an option. There is nothing wrong with my cluster, it just does not have those two gauges. I will have to pull my cluster to see. I am somewhat restricted in what I can physically accomplish due to my back and how long I get before having to lay down again. Warm weather is here now, it may be something to try this weekend.

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