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Deal Alert - FlexiDip $3.41 per can - today only


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Got an email that Home Depot has 6 packs of the Rust-Oleum brand FlexiDip spray cans as part of their deal of the day. Seems like a good price if you've been on the fence about trying a project.


The only colors they're offering is Dark Gray, Red, and white. For $20.45 for 6 cans that makes them pretty cheap. I don't know if Rust-Oleum makes other colors or not. Possibly you could buy these cheap, then when they come in try to exchange them for the color you want.


Good luck!



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I have read comparison between the Rustoleum vs original Plastidip and it seems the Rustoleum goes on thinner and runs more.

Suggest one do a test on a single can before buying bulk.

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