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Help/opinions fine tuning a couple mods please.

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2014 Silverado Black ~33,000 miles. Battery went, Florida is tough on batteries. Had the dealer replace, and add a second battery. They wired it in parallel, I think I need to install an isolator?

I did the cargo/reverse light mod (I have led's in) it caused the reverse lights to stay on, so I took out the diode.. Too much amp draw? Everything works normal since I unplugged the diode.

Now I'm seeing more, and more trucks with black wheels, and am thinking about going back to chrome. Running XD spys with 4" lift, 305/55/20 nitto Terra graps. Evrr since someone said the tires look small on my truck, its got me wanting to go bigger. Lol.

Thanks for reading, and throwing out your thoughts, and photos. :)

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I've been thinking about a second battery as well and from what i've seen on other forums people do recommend using an isolator with the battery. As for your wheels/tires I personally like more rubber on my wheels. I don't see the point in huge wheels and little to no rubber on them, might as well get low profile street tires.

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