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Cold Air Intake/Throttle Body Spacer Instilation



So i was trying to install a Airaid throttle body spacer yesterday and i came to realize i need specialized tools (torque wrench that i dont have) to get the engine cover off. I would imagine that i should go to my dealership and have them remove the cover so i can get to the throttle body. Has anybody had any success in getting this thing off without having to buy specialized tools?


Also, what is your opinion on the CAI, better to have then the Throttle Body? Im open to both. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I've never tried it, but I like the look of the engine cover. Maybe consider purchasing a torque wrench? I purchased one in a pinch when replacing the shocks on my sportster and have found it very useful. It sucks when you shoot yourself in the foot by over tightening bolts that you are later unable to remove. Worth the 30 bucks!

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