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Does anyone else have an issue with the high beam indicator light randomly coming on. Not the actual lights just the dash light

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Yes, I repair this all the time in the 03-07 classic. If you are handy with a soldering iron and gentle enough to take the cluster apart I can show where to re-flow.

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Yes, I repair this all the time in the 03-07 classic. If you are handy with a soldering iron and gentle enough to take the cluster apart I can show where to re-flow.

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These components are really small and surface mounted on the board, so you need a needle point soldering iron no hotter than 750°F so you don't lift the foil off of the board. You then have to take the lens off without breaking it. Then you have to twist the needles off gently so you don't pull the spindle out of the motors, then separate the 2 halves to expose the board which looks like this.




Right above the High beam LED and cruise bulb is the transistor circuit that lights the high beam LED. The lower resistor of the base bias has lost continuity on one side. I always re-flow the whole circuit Which consist of a transistor, a capacitor the 2 bias resistors ( where red arrows point ) and the bigger driver resistor to the right in the blue oval.




If you aren't comfortable with this pay a pro and get it done right so it don't cost double down the line.


To put that resistor in perspective the glass bulb is 4.7mm in diameter.

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