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Hood scoops for Colorado



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On ‎11‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 11:16 AM, newdude said:

Please don't do it...stick on hood scoops are the devil.  Autozone/Putco 101 mods all day long. 


Your truck looks great the way it is.  I saw you have a SnowDogg in your album pics, what size? 


went with the 7,5"  one not the six foot eight ,my old 05 had a six ft eight on it and it looked tiny  on it ,it was a western subernite  but wanted a stainless one on this new one and it was the seven foot five inch ,one I put on it they had both of them  and after seeing it on the truck  I am glad I went with it when you angle the six, foot eight inch  it it would be narrower than the wheel track  this truck is wider than the 05 , added the front leveler kit  to make the truck sit level and it carries it perfect  put four sand bags in rear of box and it worked out perfect , the snowdog is taller than the western and is more heavy duty , got it on sale for $3700  here"s  a picture of my old 05 Colorado when we got dumped with seven foot of snow couple years back  in two days ,,IMAG1844.thumb.jpg.5668cd8698990863369a2e3f20360aa7.jpgand that little truck did a great job so I know my new one will do even better   

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