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Hi, new to the forum. I am having trouble with my 19 zr2. The display screen keep popping up a message it will stay on for a few seconds but will pop back up every minute. It only seems to happen when the a/c is turned on. 



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I have been experiencing some interesting issues with my Traffic avoidance system, radio and climate control.  The Traffic control system will alert when going thorough an empty intersection, sometimes when I am going through an intersection with cars to my left it will alert.  Notice there are not cars in front of me when this occurs.  This is totally random as some of the intersections I go through a number of times a week.  The service department dude tells me this happens to him almost daily at the same point.  This is not the same as a daily alert but will randomly happen.  I also have a radio that has a mind of its own, once after an update the radio quit working for about 12 hours.  The climate control off randomly will appear on the display.  This is another false indication as the A/C heater are working.  I don't use the auto feature so this may be what this is indicating.  I have had this at the dealership they updated the systems which now seems to have more issues.  The radio this past week has had 3 different issues.  One time the radio was locked up on one station, another time the radio displayed tuner initializing this stayed on for over 10 minutes until I shut down the truck to refuel.  the third interesting display was on start up the system told me it was initializing much like after an update.  This has happened multiple times, sometimes after an up date others just out of the blue.



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