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Boost Auto GM All Lights On Module

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Looking for someone who has done this mod. 

For $20 I would try it to help with my night time rural drives but I have concerns.

I'm not a fan of the wire tap method used to hook this up. Never use those things.

I don't want any problems down the road after this mod.

The way it's designed will it draw to many amps for the wires used to hook it up?


Does anyone know the technical info on how this is hooked up and works with the truck wiring?





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Haven't done this yet and can't answer your technical questions regarding any possible electrical effects but I do have past experience doing a mod like this and never had any issues in the 3-4 years I still owned the truck after doing the installation/mod.  I installed 2013 factory navigation & backup camera into a 2012 LTZ CC which previously only had a double din CD player & had to tap into one wire in the BCM along with a bunch of unrelated stuff.  Same principal here, just one more wire involved & then you're using the supplied connector to jump between the 2 wires.


They have full installation videos for each kit they sell - seems to be very simple once you see the videos.  The hardest part for me was figuring out which way I wanted to lay on the floorboard to easily access the BCM.

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