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Undercover UC1186 purchase via Amazon


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(Administrator, please delete if inappropriate)
Trying to help out any potential 2019-2021 Silverado brethren who may decide that they want to get a bed cover for their new truck (as I am trying to do).
If you decide to look at the Undercover SE UC1186 bed cover and decide to purchase this through Amazon, I would recommend that you not waste your time.
The issue is NOT with the product itself, as I am sure that UnderCover produces a good product. The issue is with Amazon, as they obviously have issues with their system and are unable to deliver the correct product to the customer. I attempted 4 times to obtain the UC1186 for my 2020 LT Z71 6.5ft bed over the past month (each attempt takes about a week to find out the issue). 1st attempt was cancelled without any explanation other than Amazon 'ran out of stock'. 2nd-4th attempts ended up with Amazon, shipping a totally different product 'Gator EFX tri-fold hard tonneau'... and while I am sure this is also a decent product... it is not what I ordered... oh, I forgot, it was also for a 2019 Ford Ranger-C with a 5ft bed, not a 2020 Silverado with a 6.5ft bed! After each of the error shipments, I CALLED Amazon... which is a difficult feat on its own... and was apologized to and guaranteed that the correct item was on its way to me...and each re-ship ended in the agony of defeat with the SAME Gator/Ranger item ending up on my doorstep. I finally got to speak to 'A Supervisor' at Amazon and explained to him that I could continue to play this game until the cows came home, where Amazon would send UPS to come pick up the bad one and they reship me another bad one...until they figured out and resolved their warehouse/shipping issues...I even offered a suggestion of having someone actually eyeball verify that they were shipping the correct item, but I was told that 'they don't work that way' and it was impossible to do that....
In the end, the supervisor knew they had a problem and refunded my money...and said that he would have it investigated... which is lip service...as I saw a comment from another customer on this that apparently had the same issue...
In the end, I did provide a 'customer review' for the said issue, but received an email from Amazon this morning saying that I was only allowed to comment on the product and not the Amazon fulfillment or delivery service... so I guess cancel culture is rampant, even in customer feedback....
Anyway, brothers (and sisters) of the bowtie.. based on my experience, please do not waste you time or money buying this UC1186 from Amazon... go to another dealer or directly to the company.
(oh, btw... if any of you know anyone who might be interested in a Gator EFX for a 2019 Ford Ranger with a 5ft bed, have them contact me...because the Amazon supervisor told me to not send the last one they sent me back and to keep, trash, sell, donate, etc as they don't want to spend anymore on shipping it either way!!!!)
Thank you for listening to the rant. I would not have posted this here, but the email this morning set me off and I don't have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc....
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