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Need Advise - Winch Mount for 2012 Silverado 2500HD

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Hey Guys


Please help me to choose the right mount-


I have a 2012 Silverado 2500HD Rear Wheel Drive.  I want to install a Winch an I am looking for somenthing like a Hidden Winch Mounting Plate o something close to that.  I dont want to install a huge bumper...............


I dont want to be soldering or cutting............... I just want something that I can just screw and be installed with a body.


I have been doing searches and searches and dont find anything.


Whats your advise?  Can you point me to the correct one, also a DIY info or video.


Thx & Rgds



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You should always adhere to the manufacturers instructions. 





This is one plate that does claim to mount to your factory setup.  If you are just looking for a functional winch and its a "Just in case" thing, there are stand alone winches that are portable, they can hook to your tow hooks in the front, or your ball hitch in the back, you put them in a case when not using, and just require installing clamp ends for your battery. 

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Posted (edited)
55 minutes ago, Sharpz said:

Hey Rick

Thx for you reply


I was checking this product but it say is does not fit the 2012 Silverado 2500HD




Please check my pic


Any advise









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Posted (edited)

Okay, I see you have a 2500.  Its a pretty easy search but here is a site that has various options for a winch mount. How hidden you want it will be the question. Also any half way decent fabricator can make you a mount in 30 - 90 minutes its not complicated. You may want to purchase a winch you would be interested in and just have a fabricator make you a mount if you cant find something already prefabbed. 



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Hey Sharpz,


Thx for your time and help


I was thinking and thinking about the hidden and its does not matter any more.


I live in Central America and I have to import all these to my country.  So I just want to be 100% sure of what to order because once is in my country, its imposible to send it back


I prefer to order something  ready for my 2500HD.


I think I will order the WESTIN 46-23615 Max Winch Tray


Thx & Rgs

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