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1996 Chevy K1500 brake issues

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First off i really like my truck but this is getting alittle out of hand     i had some issues with my brakes when i bought my truck i knew it was going to be a project but 2 months later down the road i have alittle over 600 dollars into just the brakes not to mention the other 1000 dollars of parts i have put into this truck ..... i have replaced ALL brake lines . master cylinder . power brake booster. and still don't have brakes ... i have flushed all lines multiple times . even tried burping the ABS a few times to see if that was the issue and that hasn't worked either ... i achieve correct pedal pressure when the truck is off and see no air bubbles coming out of the lines but as soon as i start the truck i lose all pedal pressure and can not move my truck out of park .. i went over all lines again everything is fit snug . no leaks . kinda at a loss here on what else to do or try 

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