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1997 GMC Yukon 4x4 v8 died while driving down the road.

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It was driving fine no unusual noises or anything. Then out of no where it dies while running 60mph. I pulled over and it will not start back. It turns over just doesn’t start up. I hear the fuel pump and it sounds strong. I pulled the codes and it only showed oxygen sensors. I have a vacuum leak and my exhaust is broke at the manifold flange. I just filled the tank up. Could it be the ignition control module? I am replacing that and the distributor cap and button. 

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you need to start with spark to plugs, if no spark , then trace back to distributer to where you have power , also check your grounds around the engine , there are several of them , they all need to be clean and working, it you have a test light will help you alot

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I had that same experience after 3 hours of driving 70 MPH on the interstate in my 94 Sierra 4.3L. It just shut down like someone turned the key off.


In my case it was the fuel pump. It was running but not pumping.

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