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No ac, blinkers or cooling fans, fried pcm

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So i have an 04 silverado,  was doing some electrical work and i accidentally dropped a wire on the ground post and it sparked, next thing i know the truck wouldnt crank with the key unless i jumped the starter relay,  the blinkers stopped doing anything, not even the indicators on the dash would light up, but the hazards worked, the tachometer was going nuts, and the AC compressor will not turn on, replaced and flashed the PCM with a new one and the truck finallt cranks and tach is back to normal, but the AC and blinkers still dont work, ive checked all ac and turn signal related fuses and all are good, freon is full and properly charged, what gives, also installed a new multifunction switch for the blinkers and no luck, any suggestioms are greatly appreciated

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Lesson learned i hope. Always disconnect the negative battery cable before you do any electrical work just for this reason.

Start by using a schematic and an Ohm meter and check where you have current and work your way to the dead spot.

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Sorry about the bad news. Let's all take notice here about disconnecting the battery before servicing anything electric, I seldom do unless it's the battery I'm working on and I know better, I'm just too old school. lazy and stubborn. I never had no trouble like this on my '63 Galaxie, '64 Galaxie, '67 GTX, '71 Chevelle, '71 C-10, '73 C-10, '78 C-10, '38 S-15, '85 S-10 by gosh!

Some thing is shorted out or burned to the point the circuit is broken, it could be a bad ground; remember with any freaky  electric issue bad grounds are often the culprit. Keep us informed!

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