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2020 Chevy 3500 - Remote start sound issue

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Has anyone else experienced this issue:


Every time I remote start my truck I have no sound to any features in the truck once started with the button.  

Here are my steps

Remote start the truck

Get in the truck and press the start button

Everything turns on and I can drive but there is no sound at all from any of the features like navigation, music any frequency including blue tooth, satellite, phone plugged in, phone calls or any of the truck sounds.

I have tried a ton of troubleshooting steps but I have not found any resolution.  Called the dealership and they have never heard of this before.  

If I turn the truck off and start it like normal everything works great.

Thanks for any information.


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I am not sure if I actually hit the brake after I get in the truck or just press the start button.  I will try that and let you know if it works. 


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Did not change anything.  I tried the remote start then get in the truck and press the brake and start button still no sound.  Tried remote start then get in the truck and push the start button only still no sounds.

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I don't have much confidence with these radios. It gave me fits on day one, for different reasons, but a reset fixed my problems. Might be worth giving a shot for your issue.

On 4/30/2021 at 5:38 PM, Random said:

These are the steps I followed to reset the radio in my truck:

1) Browse the radio menu's to Settings > System > Return to Factory Settings

2) Select Reset Vehicle Settings

3) Wait to reset

4) Select Erase Settings and Personal Data

5) Profit


I reset my radio on 4/16/21 and I haven't had a problem since.


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Heres an update on this Topic:

I took the pickup into the dealership and Chevrolet TAC, after troubleshooting for 2 days, requested that the dealership replace the radio.  After replacing the radio the remote start worked 1x with the vehicle sounds and radio after starting the truck once inside and on the road. 

1 week later, nothing works as far as sound goes in the truck unless I turn it off and then back on.

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