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hmi 2.0 or 2.5 silverado 14 issues program what?

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I am sorry after going through your site I am still unsure as to what I need to order to do what I want done. I have a 14 silverado wt crew cab that was an I04 with 4" screen, connectivity, xm  and back up camera. I bought an 8" screen, and a radio with xm that came out of the same truck, I06. I then bought an hmi that is an I06 but a 2.0. I know that I have to have the radio and hmi reprogrammed. But I do not want AA or apple junk, I just want to have handsfree calls, back up camera, radio and my cd player to work. I do not use pandora and such. I do not see the advantage of a 2.5, speed is not an issue for me. Nor can I find a 2.5 that shows that it will work in my truck. I do not know what programming to order other than vin. Please advise a middle aged person.  My part numbers are below. Please direct me.
Radio Module Interface
23176319    8" screen (had 4")
Radio. Module  13592804 I04  change to 13592804 with I06
CD Player 13590747
HMI 2.0   23428003  I04 change to  2.0  23443747 IO6

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