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After using the search tool and having no luck finding owners who have installed a dash cover/mat on their new model Silverado, I'm going to go ahead and ask - who has installed a dash cover and can recommend a specific product?  Since the vast majority of covers use Velcro tabs to hold them in place, my preference would be to find one that lays flat, looks good, and fits well so maybe I can forgo using the Velcro like I know many do, or at least claim to do in their reviews.  Thanks ahead of time for any responses.

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I just got the original Dashmat (a Covercraft product) Friday. It comes with velcro but I haven't seen a need for it, though I haven't been aggressive on the throttle yet. I say that because I chose not to velcro my Dashmat on the SS and it most definitely doesn't stay up. It needed a good steam but lays pretty flat. It has a cutout round the storage and the front vent and the piece in between that is where it's not real flat.

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