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Strange Sound Cant Tell If Misfire or Engine Noise (Video Included) Would Love Some Help

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Hi Everyone, 

New here and looking for some help, have an 05 with the 5.3 and recently started having a very odd noise. It sounds partially like a misfire to me and possibly like internal engine noise. It appears to be in time with the engine rotation but honestly I have no idea what it is. Any help is very much appreciated. I attached a link with the video with audio to make it easier.


Thank you in advance!




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Strange.  Probably this is not the case, but I bought a 96 GMC new with a low end knock.  Bad from the factory.  Sounded similar but only when I accelerated did I hear it.  The fact that yours is not a steady sound I'd say its not that, but a possibility.  Take it in to someone you trust.

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Wow brand new with a knock thats a bummer, the noise happened out of nowhere yesterday kinda leads me to believe it could be something strange but simple.


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