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Back glass leaking water

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2020 AT4 1500 Sierra. Anyone had any leaks on the back glass? According to the dealership it's coming from underneath the spoiler. It seems they have 2 nuts and if I heard them right the sealant was the issue. I have the extended warranty which of course doesn't cover "water leaks". The truck is 1.5years old and while I am over the 36000 mile warranty I am still within the 3 year. I know that it's 3/36000 but you would think since this is a fixed piece of equipment they would cut you a little slack. To me it seems like poor workmanship. Sub-par work. The cost is $711 to fix. Needless to say I am very dissatisfied with GM ability to stand behind what they sell. My paint is coming off around my fog lights and my grill. Talked to the dealership " normal wear and tear". I have pretty much only own GM. Probably my last buy. My wife will be in the market soon. 2012 Enclave with transmission issues because GM used cheap parts. She wanted a Tahoe. Don't t hink so!!  Just sad you spend that much money on a vehicle and you end up with something like this. Should have learned my lesson with my cracked dash of my 2008. 



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The fog light bezels.  Its not paint.  Its whatever cheap azz laminate or whatever they use on those to make them "black chrome".  We see the same problem on Blazer and Traverse with the accessory black chrome/black ice front trim parts.  

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