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GM offer $100.00 to check 3.0 Duramax

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I received a letter from GM asking to participate in an emissions check of the 3.0 diesel at my location of choice. Anyone else? I have signed up for them to do it. We will see of they choose me.

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I would be afraid they would take my truck out on the road beating on it like a redheaded step child, then pull it into the bay and redline it for 3 minutes then check the emisions, and I would regret my decision....

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If it's a typical emissions check, it involves driving the car into a service bay. Some put the car on rollers, others just have you hold the rpm at a specified speed for a couple of seconds while sensors and sniffers take readings. They'll need to plug into the OBD port and do visual checks. Not a big deal.


I'd do it if I owned one. $100 bucks for a few minutes of time, bonus if I got to see the actual readings and how they compare.

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$100 is $100, that's at least a tank of gas and lunch on GM. Why not. Especially if I don't have to take time out of my day and they can do it at my leisure and location.....works for me. I'll be waiting on my letter.


How many miles do you have on the truck?

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