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Daryl Z71’s 2006 Silverado 2500HD Rebuild

Daryl Z71

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So I picked up a new project a few months ago, a 2006 2500HD LBZ Duramax with the 6 speed Allison. Truck has over 330k miles on it and needs a lot of work honestly, but I feel like I got it for a good price so I’m happy. Thankfully I can do the majority of work it needs myself.







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I’m going to start on rebuilding the entire front steering and suspension. I’m just going to gather all the parts I need and then tear it down and do it all at once. I bought some brand new AcDelco brake calipers a few weeks ago for the front. I painted and clear coated them yesterday.


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So at some point someone had installed the wrong shifter in this truck. It’s supposed to have the GMT900 style shifter with the manual gear selection button. Someone put the GMT800 style shifter in it for some odd reason. I bought the correct shifter as well as a new boot, and now everything works exactly as it should again.








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