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2015 3500 HD Stock Replacement Tires

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I am very sorry if this is the wrong spot,  If it is maybe a mod could move it? I am not nearly as active as I should be so might just as well be sorry for that as well.  I am looking for a set of new shoes for my truck, I'd like to upgrade from stock street shoes as they really are not universal enough. (Wet Grass your stuck (Grin)  I do to a 5th wheel once in a while but I think any good tire will address that. I want something middle of the road... Grip, decent snow a bit of mud and not run ya out of the seat in HUM...  I thought the Nitto Grappler was what I wanted a few years ago but recently read they are alot of noise. Don't mind some extra noise because I do want a bit beefier look but.... You get my point.  Also Would also like to go one size bigger if at all possible, No lift kit or Mods on the Truck. But there does seem to be (Some Excess space)


I ask her because the kid at my local tire shop was really scaring me!!  


Oh, I know this topic is beat to death but really could not find a thread that helped.  


Sincere Thanks


Dodge Stomper


Current size LT265/70R18


With Standard Chrome Wheels




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I work in the tire industry and I live in Minnesota so these are a few tires that I would suggest for good all year round tires that will handle towing heavy trailers as well.


Michelin Agillis Crossclimate


Michelin Defender LTX M/S


Toyo Open Country AT3's


Falken Wildpeaks


Firestone Destination AT or the Transforce AT2.


There are many other tires out there that you can choose but these would be at the top of my list before picking something else.

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Either of the two Michelin or the Falkens would be up there. I believe they are all 3 peak snow rated tires as well but I'd have to look at that more. Past those would be the Firestones. Really any of those tires would not be a bad choice.


The Duratracs are going to a much louder tire and can be more prone to uneven wear/chopping on some vehicles. I'm not a huge fan of them for every day driving. They have their place if going offroad all the time is what the person is after.

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My vote would be for the Falken Wildpeak AT3's. That is what I just put on my HD. I was also looking at the Firestone Destination XT's.


The reviews on the Wildpeaks are great! I have not had an opportunity to drive them in the snow, but the 3-peak "Severe Snow Service" designation gives me a little bit more piece (for whatever thats worth) when driving in the Colorado snow storms. They are quiet and ride well. I am running 285/60/20 on 20x10 Fuel wheels if that makes a difference. 


I personally would stay away from the Goodyear Duratrac's. I had them on my Nissan Titan and they do excellent in deep snow, but packed snow, they are horrible. After 20,000 miles, the siping starts wearing away and they become more of a mud tire than A/T. They hummed like crazy at 25,000 miles. I removed them and put on BFG KO2's. The KO2's are good, but they wouldn't stay balanced and didn't do well in slush.


Again... my vote would be Wildpeaks or Destination XT's

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Thanks alot Elite,


Yes I backed away from Goodyear for those same reasons/reviews.  And having trouble finding the Wildpeaks... So probably Destinations. I was going to go up a size. I read on a stock 3500 I could go as high as a 295/64r18 But when I looked at the specs the difference in them or my stocks 265/70r18 was not that big of improvement. Then the thought of needing a speedo re cal does not make sense. I would have no idea how to get that done. So (I think it'll be the stock ones back on for me.

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Thanks Elite,

I just wanted to end the post with the outcome in case some other person ends up searching as I did. I ended up getting the Firestone Destination XT 295/70R18  Which was quite the upgrade from my stock 265/70R18's Some will say they will not fit but I spent the day at Firestone and they were kind enough to try several tires to see which I liked.  My truck is a Stock 2015 3500HD Gasser and they fit perfectly. It shocked me they did because of the huge difference in the two. It fills the holes I'll tell ya that! A very slight rub on the front when in a full turn but only on the cardboard inner liner which was easily fixed with a little push.


Thanks everyone for your help and opinions they were very much appreciated


Cost 1650.00 out the door with the 20 bucks a tire road hazard.



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Maybe the Destination AT's aren't around much anymore, they are still on the Firestone website though. I mainly deal with Michelin products and a few others so I know them the best.


LT tires sure get spendy in those large sizes lol.

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