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Dented Front Speaker Grill

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Thank you.


So, dealer was wrong, as usual, huh? When you say pop it loose, how to do that? My suburban had screws, so you removed them and lifted the whole panel off, which is why I ask. 


Edit: Just found a video. Seems simple enough. Any tips on connectors on the back of the panel if I have to remove the panel entirely to pound the dent out? 

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I have fixed those before by getting a fishhook and bending the hook a little so I could get the hook in and the other end out of a grill hole at the dent but clip the point sharp end off so you don't ram it in your finger and start gently pull the dent out, worked great everytime. Our pop the door panel off and do it that way. I tried to avoid pulling the panel off cause sometimes I broke a clip on the panel.

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Front doors have two screws along the bottom and two screws in the little hand cubby on the arm rest. 


Once the screws are out, start tugging outward starting at the bottom edge near where the speaker is. Once you get to the top of the panel, lift out and up so you don't bend the lock lever. You'll need to undo the door handle cable which will make sense once you see it and the wiring harness. The wiring harness has a clip that also acts as a lever, so once you disengage it, the connectors separate by themselves.


You can then do whatever you want with the door panel, including hammering out the dents from the rear side.

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