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Anybody running nitrous on a 6.0 and what systems would you recomend? The engine is stock,w/ westers 93 tune, vararam non ram air intake. Not looking for a complex system just something fairly simple. Would like to be able to "shred" the rear tires when the urge hits me.probably will stay under a 150 shot or maybe 100.

Also I want to be able to remove it if I had to take it to dealer.Should i hook it up to come on under full throttle with a tps switch? And will nitrous help you right off the line? Any help will be great. A spercharger was my first choice but I think I can get nitrous for between $5-600.( nitrous express)

Truck is a 03 2500HD 4.10 gears ecsb. Thanks in advance. :ughdance:

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magnacharge radix, its always there and you never have to refill it, will give solid hp and tq increase all the time not just wot, if you tow or are just an lead foot, they use an eaton blower, eaton is used on alot of oem superchargers, they offer a 3 year 36k warrenty on powertrain if installed by ase certifide tech, i spent 700 on n2o kit and 4k on new motor :smash: not including labor since i did install myself, now with the sc i can rip my 35" tires whenever i feel like it and don't have to worry if my bottle is empty or if the valve is going to stick open and wipe out my motor when i let off the throttle, nos is a cheaper power adder in the short run but filling bottles adds up and if something goes wrong can cause engine failure real quick, just an opinion from someone who found out the hard way, you might hate dropping 5k but its a complete kit with everything you need and well designed and looks great, comes with a 3yr 36k warrenty on blower and optional 3 yr 36k on powertrain, i think you would be extremely happy with performance increase and reliebilety, no filling or opening bottle or flipping switchs, just drop the pedal when the mood hits and your off

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I do agree with mjgjr72. For the street, nitrious is way too expensive. You will only get about 10 full throttle blasts out of a $50+ bottle. It'll end up costing you more than a supercharger in a year! For the occasional use at the track it can't be beat though!

How about a STS turbo? Almost half the price of the Radix. That and a 2500-2600 converter to get it launched will give you what you want. Keeping rear tires on it will be the problem!!

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a turbo is also another option the only draw backs in my opinion is the turbo lag, the sts is also a rear mount (under back of truck) this includes the air filter, if its a daily driver and you live in an area with lots of bad weather and highly salted roads the sts and air filter is getting hit everytime you drive, so along with the rust factor you would be looking at frequent filter cleanings, i have frequent road flooding every spring where i live and would hate to see what happens if its deeper than i thought and buried the filter in water and sucked it into the engine.


both ways are a serious investment so take some time and do some research and determan what u want and how u will use it, daily driver, weekend toy, towing, hauling, ect


reasons i went with the magnuson

great reviews from many people who have installed them

complete well designed kit with clear instructions

30 years experiance designing sc kits

use an eaton blower, they are used on alot of oem sc cars, proven reilability and durabilty

3yr 36k warrenty compared to most 1yr 12k

all under hood mount w/intercooler

i tow and haul loads and this setup has power right off the line

and it looks great

pic of install on my 2k silverado w/5.3



here are the links if your interested




you can also try posting here if you want more opinions and input


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