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My Wife has her house back


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I started this project late Jan. early Feb. I finally finished this weekend, mind you I was only working at this on the weekends and the odd week day. I think my wife and kids wanted me to work at this 7 days a week...:flag::fume::wtf:


We've lived in this house now for 12 years and think I can find a B4 picture, nope.


edit-painted ceiling, glazed & fiberwalled walls, ripped old rug out and lamenated floors/stairs, new base boards, new switches/sockets/thermostat/doorbell, ripped old bi-fold doors out and replaced new ones.

















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I know what your going through. I bought a house in January. I have painted 4 Bedrooms, 5 Closets, and a Laundry room. I am working on the whole entire upstairs hallway now. Then its onto the masterbath.


In between I am paneling the garage. About halfway done with that

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