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I want to put that size tire on my 01 GMC Z71 1500. I was looking on ebay and found offset torsion keys to level front, and it says will fit 33's with them in. Is that all i need? I dont mind a little bumper trim. I will be staying with stock rims for now too. Also whats a good all terrain or mud terrain tire to get that i can get decent tread life out of? I am looking at Nitto terra grapplers or mayber Goodyear MTR's.

thks Mike

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Hi Mike,


The 285X75 R16's fit on my '95 Suburban 1/2 ton with torsion bar adjustment.


I use Firestone Destination M/T 235X85 R16 on my Suburban for the winter/spring snow and mud. I have found them to be a great full traction tire. Ride is a little rough unloaded (e rating) and they sing a bit at 45mph.


Take Care,


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