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Mighty HD

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Well, several weeks back I bought a Mazda 4x4 truck. I put a new motor in it, and sold it Thursday night.


I now have $2,000 to play with. I was REALLY thinking about buying a jeep wrangler to wheel with. I love it and its really the only thing I do. The wife says no no to the HD wheeling---so do I actually.


I just don't want to take on another payment. I have FINALLY gotten the stupid credit cards paid off...all but 1. We had a lot. I am/was wanting to stay around $4500 or under. I would have to get a loan for at least $3000 of it. I don't want another payment, personal loans are at 9% now. I was thinking of transferring it to a credit card with a 0% interest that I have. It's on 0% for lifetime on any balance till the end of this year.


I really really don't want another payment of $120+ a month, and on a credit card, it would take forever to pay off becuase you pay a small amount or whatever you want above the minimum payment of $120 a month.





I could take the $$ and get a Nelson's tune and an exhaust. (Exhaust if it REALLY makes a difference with a tune---if not I'm not wasting the $$)


Granted I don't drive the GMC much at all--9000 miles in a year 1/2...lol



Anyone chime in? :ughdance:

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If I were you I'd bank the whole $2k and keep it around for gas money, and leave your HD as it is. That thing's gonna be a sweet truck as it ages, even with the factory tune...and gas is going to be getting more expensive as China comes on line as a major oil consumer.


If you really want to keep the HD, use the $2k to let you afford to keep it, and that means use it for gas money, just a little at a time.


Find another project Mazda or something, and maybe you'll be able to satisfy your 4-wheeling by fixing and testing/using these project trucks.


That's my 2 cents worth.

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Thought I would add my 2 cents worth, put the 2k in the bank for now and when you get another grand saved up put it on a used 4x4. I have not checked prices lately but I am pretty sure you could get somthing that would be around 3 to 4 grand. As far as the HD I would keep it stock for now.

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Seems that Jeeps are high dollar items here in Florida. One that looks halfway decent---4cyl 5 speed, 100k+ is near $4900+ That's steep but they're excellent rigs to wheel.


Granted I have heard a LOT of good stuff about nelsons/westers. Westers is almost $100 cheaper. I am wanting a tune to eliminate the TQM, and bump up the gas mileage a bit...


A 4x4 in florida for under 3k is junk most of the time. I would have kept the mazda 4wd but parts are HARD HARD HARD to find. I had to get a universal set of plug wires---all the auto parts stores here said 2 weeks to order. Only one had an oil filter/air filter believe it or not..lol


I coul dalways buy the tune and pay the other credit card off..lol

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