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Engine from the VIN?

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Does the VIN of a GM truck contain which engine it has, ie. 305 vs. 350?

I am looking at a truck on the web, and they just specify V8 engine.  But, they also list the VIN 1GCEK19MXTE144030

Just wondering if that will tell me the CI on the engine.

Thanks. :)

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w = 4.3 V-6

v = 4.8 V-8

T = 5.3 V-8

This is for the newer trucks

I dont know what all the other ones are.  I dont have the website handy but you can decode the whole truck from the vin (color, 2wd,4wd, ext reg cab,engine size etc.)

Check out this site



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Yes you can tell from the VIN on both issues.  Remember however, someone could replace a 350 with a 305, but you can tell what came from the factory from the VIN.

Ok, this is from memory but I believe the 8th digit in the VIN identifies the engine:

R=5.7L with MFI (usually in the vortecs) 96 and newer

K=5.7L with TBI 95 and older with throttle body injection

M=5.0L (305 ci) with MFI

H=5.0L (305 ci) with TBI

N=7.4L TBI

W=7.4L MFI

Those are the one's I can remember, and am pretty sure those are right.

As for the 4x2 or 4x4;  I think the 5th digit gives the chassis type,  on the full size p/ups and Subs/Yukes/Hoe's (this is where the infamous C/K style trucks come from in name, because C means 4x2 and K means 4x4)

So, for the VIN you have listed, I would guess it as a 1996 with 5.0L and 4x4?



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