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Will 35's and 6" clear...

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I have a question. I am thinking of 6" lift and 35's on my truck. But, I don't want to get rid of my molded mud flaps with flares. Does anyone know if they will clear?

Oh, and here is some pics of front and rear, this is what I have now on my truck:









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Yeah that should work. My tire's measure out at 34.4 I had to trim a little. Here are a couple of pics of mine with the 35's You can see the rear tire stuffed and should clear rear flaps like you have. On the front the wider the wheel and tire the better chance for interferance while turning. With the 18's you may be able to run a 4 5/8's Backspace and clear. I don't know for sure though. But it would help if you could.




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