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Peanut in the Ear

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One night Ed was watching a movie on TV and throwing peanuts up in the air and catching them in his mouth. One time his wife called out to him, he turned his head and the peanut landed in his ear. Ed tried to get it out by using his finger, a pair of tweezers, and even shaking his head to no avail.


It was about 11:30pm and Ed and his wife were ready to go the emergency room at the hospital when their daughter and boyfriend came home from their date.


"Where are you guys going at this time of night?", the daughter asked. The mother responded that her father got a peanut stuck in his ear and couldn't get it out so they were going to the hospital.


The boyfried said to let him have a try at it. He told Ed to sit on the sofa, he then took one hand and pushed Ed's forehead back then took two fingers on the other hand and shoved them up Ed's nose and told him to blow as hard as he could.


Ed blew hard and lo and behold, the peanut popped out of Ed's ear. The daughter and her boyfriend went into the kitchen.


Ed's wife was so happy, she kept telling Ed what a nice young man the boyfriend was. She asked Ed what do think he's going to be when he gets older?


Ed turned to his wife and said, "Judging by the way his fingers smell, probably our son-in-law".

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