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Part number for auxilliary (rear) HVAC pump?



I'm looking for the part number for the pump used to circulate coolant to the rear HVAC systems in some late model GM trucks/suv's/minivans. My local dealership parts department couldn't find it.


I believe it looks like this:



Thanks a bunch in advance. :)

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Heres one I found:

Part number 15070012,Its listed as the "Auxilary heater water shutoff valve" it also says "2-port,To rear heater,Includes actuator/solenoid & mounting bracket"


I found it in group 8.866 and this one is for the Astro/Safari mini-vans without the "YF7" recreation vehicle upfitter package.


I couldn't find one for the SUV's,And we don't have one here in stock for me to take a look at it.Hopefully a dealer around you has one so that you can take a look at it.


Hope this helps :)

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