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Burb Fuel Pump Problems

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Problems with Fuel Pump on 99 Burb 5.7 Vortec:


Truck has 197k on it and the orig. Fuel Pump failed at about 190k. After lurking here and reading up on fuel system problems I decided to change filter and relay first. The cheapest way. Of course that did not fix the problem. I decide to change the pump myself. Of course the pump failed 3 days after filling up so I had to dain 35+ gals of fuel.


Got new pump, Master Fuel Pump, from Autozone. Drain and Drop tank, and I do say DROPPED tank. Tank fell off floor jack, pulled electrical harness and fuel lines. I got new pump installed, everything reconnected, tank re-installed, and 5 gal. of gas in. Hit key, no JOY. Pump still not working. Toasted at this point and have truck towed to Firestone.


Firestone checks system out and discovers that the Pump is not working. I was sure to tell them that I had dropped the tank and to be sure to check electrical. They pull pump, sending unit is broken. Return pump to Autozone for replacement. New pump installed and bill from Firestone for $280+. Truck runs great. Joy....


3 months later. Truck wont start. Same symptons as before. Engine cranks. No fire. Get pressure gauge out( I bought after previous prblms). No fuel pressure. Tow back to Firestone. Pump Diag'd as bad. Back to Autozone. Replace Pump. Bill another $280+. Truck working great. Runs fine. Joy....


File claim with Autozone for labor involved in installing 2 fuel pumps, $580+.

2 months later, Autozone sends me check for $88. I am still trying to figure this out. Same week that check arrives, TRUCK wont start again. Same Symptoms. I beat on the tank and manage to get the truck started and to my folks place, but it will not start now. Of course it fails 2 days after fill up. 43 Gals of gas. Lucky that I bought 6 five gal. tanks last time this happened.


I have checked the fuses. I have replaced Fuel Relay and filter AGAIN, but still no joy in Mudville. I have been searching the net and Master/Airtex suggest changing the wiring harness when you change the pump. I would have thought that Firestone would have checked that, but I don't know. I love my truck, but 2 fuel pumps in 5 months is a bit much. I buy gas from the same place for about the last year and have never had any problems with their gas. I check the tank when I change the first pump and it appear to be clean. If this pump has failed again, I will have to change it myself. I cannot afford another $280+ bill from Firestone. I am to the point that if I can get it running, it is gone. I can not afford to be left on the side of road.


Other info: New DieHard battery. I have pulled the started and had it checked. Starter and Selinoid checked out fine.


Thanks for letting me rant. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.


Thanks again.



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I have a Haynes manual that I refer to frequently and it says when installing a new fuel pump, ALWAYS install a new harness. That could very well be your problem. I changed my fuel pump last week, but I didn't install a new harness. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the *ss. Also, I did stay with the AC Delco OEM pump. IMO, with something like that, I don't think it's wise to deviate from genuine GM parts.

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did'nt the fuel pump have a 1 year warranty same thing happened to me( it was a Carter brand pump ) they gave me a new one no questions asked. they always seem to quit on a full tank of gas too never fails!!!

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