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My baby finally arrived!


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She's a 2006 GMC Sierra 4x4 wtih the Vortec Max Performance Pack, came w/XM, 6 disc changer, Bose, Dark Grey cloth interior(because I hate leather) with buckets and center console. Then I added the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's, and Retrax bed cover at the dealership. She's kinda plain lookin right now, hoping I can hoard some money away from the wife to get some more accessories.



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Nice looking truck.  How do you like your retrax bed cover so far?






I love it, and my wife loves it (that being the key) if you have the money I would strongly recommend it. I did tons of research, and always came back to this one. It is the most weather proof of any covers I could find. The only drawback is the canister takes up alittle room in the front of the box, but all the benifits by far out weigh that one drawback.

This cover gets 2 thumbs up from me :):chevy:

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