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Installing 2 Din Navigation System In A 2002 Chevy Tahoe (1.5 Din)

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Hello Forum,


I am trying to install a new Pioneer Navigation system (2 dinn) in my 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe. I was told that I could "upgrade my dash" to a 2003 dash and the navigation system would install and look perfect. Can anyone confirm this? Second of all, if this is true, what exact parts would I need in order to change my dash kit to a 2003 tahoe one. (Least amount of money)






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I'm trying to do the same thing. One member on here has done it before. I've seen the post before, yet I can't find it now when I do a search. He did it in an 01 suburban, he installed a kenwood double din and used a 2004 denali dash bezel. I'm trying to go at it myself. If I accomplish it, I'll post some pics. I think he said you need an 03-06 dash bezel and the radio "bucket" or sub dash, the part that the radio and ac controls actually mounts into inside the dash. I'm still trying to find a new dash bezel for an 03-06 though.

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