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  1. Took the burb in for a oil change today and the dealer had this sitting out front. Anybody have one? I'm sure they make a suburban version. Would be fun. https://www.evergreenchevrolet.com/auto/new-2018-chevrolet-tahoe-callaway-sc560-4x4-issaquah-wa/25306423/
  2. These two photos are the reverse, license plate and turn/brake bulbs. Lens flare for sure but gives an idea.
  3. Was able to grab a few photos in a parking garage but with the cars on either side didn't really show a good side-to-side view. First is fogs only, second is headlights only (HID), third is both headlights and fog lights.
  4. I've tried a few photos of the fogs on which resulted in bad photos. The above shows them off.
  5. I'll take some photos this weekend. No hyperflash (resistors installed), as far as codes I am assuming I need a Chevy diagnostic tool to determine but I have seen nothing indicated from the vehicle dash displays. Quick video showing LED on top, standard incandescent on bottom testing during install. IMG_0838 (1).m4v
  6. So far I've replaced: rear turn signals/brake lights with 80w red (https://hidkitpros.com/shop/lumawerx-7440-7443-led-bulb-lw80-cree/) reverse lights (amazon sourced) license plate bulbs (originally amazon source, one died, now: https://hidkitpros.com/shop/1995-2017-chevrolet-suburban-led-license-plate-lights/) front fogs: moritmoto (https://hidkitpros.com/shop/chevrolet-square-morimoto-xb-led-fogs/) The fogs were a total pain to replace but have great side-to-side coverage and 5500k. Rear brake/turn are super bright and responsive. Still need to change out the front HID to 6500k, the high beams to LED and the front turn signals to LED.
  7. Try using premium fuel (around here it's 91 octane) from a top tier station (I use Shell or Chevron). I had a similar problem of rough idle at stoplights and after 4-5 tanks of premium fuel the problem was 90% gone and I have continued to use premium. Previously I was using regular from Safeway fuel and the shaking was really rough at times.
  8. I never use the fog lights as they seem to do nothing. Very little change in light output. Has anybody retrofitted HID or LED bulbs or the entire housing?
  9. Best Tires

    At 35k the stock Bridgestone Dueller H/L Alenzas are just about done. In reading here it seems Michelin is the go to for most. Any body used the Pirelli Scorpion Verde on a Tahoe or Suburban? I have had several sets on my VW Touareg and previous Audi Q7 and they always held up well (45k-50k miles). Given my experience I am sure they will work great but thought I would ask anyway.
  10. GM 0% for 72 terms?

    I agree that it's either/or in terms of factory incentives but MSRP is completely dependent on the dealer. I used the 0% for 72 and the dealer still came $6,500 off MSRP.
  11. Just turned 30k and about to do this with my dealer. Any insight? Ballpark cost?
  12. Been a week or so but back from almost 900 miles round trip of Thanksgiving travel from Seattle to Bend, Oregon. I've done this for years with various vehicles and the Suburban is the true no compromise solution. Tons of room for the family, the tech stuff with the LTE and fold down screens keeps kids that are unhappy about being stuck in a vehicle that long content, and 19.3 MPG round trip beats a lot of other smaller vehicles I have had (last being a V8 Audi Q7 that was in the 17 MPG range). I've had the Suburban for 16 months now and 29k miles and no problems. Just thought I would add a bit of positive to the group.
  13. I tested mine yesterday and got 10 down / 10 up. I also seem to recall reading somewhere that the LTE attached to vehicles is throttled and the speedtest app would suggest that is the case.. it held steady right at 10 during both the up and down test. The LTE used in the vehicles is the ATT network.
  14. on DIS and center screen... at least while on bluetooth. Doesn't appear to be the same with CarPlay.

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