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  1. I love how so many people label this guy as a Liberal. For all you know he may be a staunch Right Winger. Or, just a stark raving idiot. I say that because some of the most audacious trucks in my area, lifted and dressed up for everything, are owned by hard Left Wing guys. You just can't put labels on people without due process and strict knowledge. Doing that just makes you look as dumb as they might be. Anyway, I stopped reading jalopnik years ago due to stupid articles like this.
  2. @yogi89, your experience is not the norm. I've personally have had fewer issues with my 2015 Silverado than any Silverado before it. Hands down the best truck I've ever owned. My personal opinion on Kia and Hyundai is the people that I know that own one wouldn't know if they had a problem anyway. So they don't report them.
  3. Heck, put the same dual turbo V6 they use in the Cadillacs in this. That'd be PLENTY of power for it's small size. 420HP and 460 twist.
  4. Looks too much like just any other SUV. Oh well. I was hoping it would copy the Colorado looks and build style closer. THAT would be an awesome looking SUV. They probably didn't do that because of the feature set. This one has way more features than does the Colorado line as of yet. So less need to re-engineer parts and design. Modern business as it is...
  5. That 2.7 torque curve makes me wonder if it's artificially limited, hanging on at just below 350 for so long...
  6. It’s 11/1 compression. And spark knock is controlled by computer. It’s the modern age of engines.
  7. The numbers game always cracks me up. Especially with the public at large, who really doesn't understand physics that much. GM is known for being conservative in their ratings, for very good reasons. And, it shows with their trucks being the longest lasting on the road. Not to mention the most civilized in driving dynamics. Also, a lot of people seem to forget that the aftermarket business is not slowing down. If you really are that full of testosterone, and need more there is a way to get there, no matter what make or model of truck you own. Now, down to real discussion on what I feel we should expect. I'm still very impressed with the MPG from my 2015 5.3 L Chevy. My average from the truck I owned before, a 2011, is 3 MPG higher. That's amazing. If the new fuel management systems GM is putting in place gain another one or two, that's a gold mine in gas savings for me. I'm looking forward to it. The MPG wars do, I feel, have one negative. It seems to me that towing should be going up more for all major truck makers. It's moving up for sure, but doesn't quite seem to keep pace with the HP and Torque increases. That's likely due to the push for MPG, which is not bad. But just interesting to me to watch the progression of modern trucks.
  8. Barra's translation: We spent a butt-load of money engineering these cars that won't sell easily. We're not about to back out now! I wonder if others exiting the market means higher sales for GM, Honda and Toyota?
  9. Just gotta imagine when these hit the Army Surplus shops....
  10. Doubt this will take off, but if it does it'll be nice.
  11. A small diesel for MPG over a decent diesel for true towing power is what I don't get. Would still like to have seen the 4.x L V8 diesel GM had put in the 1/2 ton. I bet they'd outsold Ford and Ram by double combined if not more.
  12. I disagree with this 1000% If you've ever seen a Maserati that's more than a couple years old, they discolor, peal and tear like nothing in no time at all. People blast GM on quality, but that's mostly looks. They tone down a lot just to keep a car that truly does last longer in terms of "quality over the years".
  13. And, don't let the door hit you in the... Good riddance, idiot.

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