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  1. This seems like something to get pumped up over....
  2. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    Chevy was very lackluster at a local car show this year too. Very disappointing.
  3. Why do you care about average? And how do you think your small bubble of people you "deal with" represent the average either? Here's the real numbers: https://www.statista.com/statistics/736921/general-motors-onstar-business-subscriptions/ Around 7 million. That's significant enough to be worthy of consideration. For me? I subscribe for my Wife and for the Younger driver in the family. Worth every penny for those of mine I wish to keep safer rather than being risky. I could care less if you do or don't subscribe. But since you don't, you're opinion is really not very worthwhile in this topic.
  4. My bad, thanks for the correction. Many publications over the years confused on the displacement, so I often forget the real number for the one that was ready to go. And as far as the power ratings, yes that was 2010 ratings. And all diesels are re-engineered over time. So today's ratings, if they would fall in place with all other diesels over the years would very likely be double the torque of the 4 cyl currently in use. Even the tried and true 3/4 ton diesels in GMs lines are far more powerful today than in 2010.
  5. I think a 3500 would be better suited for that much towing. Using cr250's link above, the 3500 is the only one that will meet your needs. I've seen folks tow way above rated in a 1/2 ton truck. Yes, you can do it. But the truck wears out very quickly doing that, plus it's not very safe.
  6. Loud exaust is usually illegal, and for a good reason... I had the GM OEM exaust update in one of my past trucks and loved it. The sound was super impressive without being obnoxious. Don't have it in my current truck, and miss it. Just not enough to loosen the pocket $1200 again.
  7. I personally think all 3 big truck makers have the 1/2 ton segment wrong. GM should have put the 4.7L diesel V8 in the 1/2 ton trucks. Most likely they could have almost doubled the torque output of these engines to the 3.0L and hauled a heck of a lot more payload and trailer. THEN they would have sold better and for the right reasons.
  8. It's just business folks... I'm glad to see this myself. I've always purchased an extended warranty, so having a direct GM provided does appeal. If nothing else it might make the 3rd party warranties more competitive. The reason I always purchase the extended is that I own my trucks for more than 5 years (shortest was 5, longest was 10) so having the extra help on possible issues is always a plus. And, I'd never purchase a vehicle based on a warranty. I prefer to purchase based on what vehicle fits me best. To date, GM has done that. Though the competition is heating up...
  9. Agree 100% If they'd put more than 5 cents into the dials, I might like them. But the feel and act cheap, worse that cheap. And in a Caddy?!?!? No. Not only no, but.... well, you get the point. Not class leading style, not by a long shot.
  10. You are obviously not an average consumer of vehicles. The items that have no use for you have a lot of use for most others. In other words, the World does not revolve around you.
  11. 30 Crashes Lead To New GM Truck & SUV Recall

    Great. Mine's recalled. Oh well, needed an oil change too so might as well take it in.
  12. I'd bet the gas is a product of the brake fluid and some other component in the system. Chemical reaction etc etc. They may also replace the fluid with something else. Just a guess though.
  13. On a trip through Kansas City last weekend (attending the American Royal BBQ Event, dang am I stuffed!) I saw two new GMC Denali in separate occasions. Easy to spot with that double tailgate.
  14. Nice review, a XT5 sits next to my Silverado LTZ in my driveway BTW. Might have been an XT4 if those were out before now. It's the SUV my wife drives, and LOVES it. Oh, and I DO NOT like those rotary buttons on the steering wheel. Had those in previous Chevys, hated them. Just put a real button there instead guys. Fortunately, the XT5 doesn't have those. Not looking forward to using them in the new Silverado when my next truck comes up.

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