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  1. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    I still think truck owners would prefer a strong hybrid. Gotta have backup power sometimes. If it turns out all-electric, I can see aftermarket gas engine installations in the bed for additional utility out of the truck. No power to wheels from gas, but backup power for occasions that requires that extra effort. Truck owners have never been about small efforts.
  2. I'll take the 11 y.o. spot!
  3. The US and it's states are constantly providing low or no interest loans to small companies. So, basically your statement here was incorrect. GM was offered a zero interest loan, and did pay it off too. Early if I recall.
  4. No, the legacy cost of Union workers made them go bankrupt. Today, it's about being lean and mean. Many companies are doing this. They'll eventually hire more white collar workers again.
  5. I miss the previous generation XRS styling. That was eye catching. the XTx line is quite boring, and dumbed down inside too. Sad.
  6. Funny, you think they will stop production because of you? Personally, I like the 1/2 GMC over the Chevy. But on the HD class, the Chevy looks far better. Looks like it means business.
  7. Study Points To Lowered Truck Incentives

    Not too much of a shock after a new release year. Happens all the time. That and Toyota is full of themselves, and rarely give good discounts making them the worst deal you can get. Toyota is such a bad company.
  8. I sat in one of these at a car show a month or so ago. It is VERY impressive interior wise. That back seat is better than any luxury back seat I've ever sat in. GM should take note, both on seats AND on technology. I was afraid the 12" screen would be overkill, but it's really not. The side buttons save it from being a mess. While you can control everything on screen, you don't have to as most high use items have a button beside the screen. Lots of thought on the design here. Small things too like plugs, and room in the console is far better than GM or Ford. However, quality complaints are already showing RAM is still far behind the other 2 on build quality. This video cracks me up. Check out the window trim issues:
  9. Actually, I like the looks of the lower trim better. Like them both though. Can't wait to see them IRL.
  10. I've read through here, and boy a lot of you princesses need to get off your pumpkin and join the party. This truck looks mean and like means business. One of the best trucks I've ever seen out of GM.
  11. That truck looks BOSS!!!! Love it, including the wheel wells. Wish they'd put those on the 1/2 ton. The front end looks like it means business. Awesome job Chevy!
  12. I like both the wheel wells and headlights (from what I see of them) over the 1/2 tons. Hopefully they'll follow this down in a couple years.
  13. The wheel well is perfect. Rounded wheel wells are boring, and really don't help the truck in anyway, aerodymanically or asthetically. (folks that don't believe that probably had no idea how a golf ball works either...) I think GMC did right here, making it similar to the 1/2 ton but different enough to make it noticable.
  14. Not sad enough on the closures, this had to turn into a political thread? Come on guys, working together solves a heck of a lot more. Extremism and blaming is what splits us apart. Anyway, this is extremely old news. GM has talked about reductions on models for years now.

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