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  1. You are obviously not an average consumer of vehicles. The items that have no use for you have a lot of use for most others. In other words, the World does not revolve around you.
  2. 30 Crashes Lead To New GM Truck & SUV Recall

    Great. Mine's recalled. Oh well, needed an oil change too so might as well take it in.
  3. I'd bet the gas is a product of the brake fluid and some other component in the system. Chemical reaction etc etc. They may also replace the fluid with something else. Just a guess though.
  4. On a trip through Kansas City last weekend (attending the American Royal BBQ Event, dang am I stuffed!) I saw two new GMC Denali in separate occasions. Easy to spot with that double tailgate.
  5. Nice review, a XT5 sits next to my Silverado LTZ in my driveway BTW. Might have been an XT4 if those were out before now. It's the SUV my wife drives, and LOVES it. Oh, and I DO NOT like those rotary buttons on the steering wheel. Had those in previous Chevys, hated them. Just put a real button there instead guys. Fortunately, the XT5 doesn't have those. Not looking forward to using them in the new Silverado when my next truck comes up.
  6. I looked at dealerships around my neck of the woods this weekend. Quite a few of the 19's are starting to show up. Too bad this one seems to be down the list some. Most of the GMC are the Denali, while Chevy seems very "LT" only, with a few LTZ and one High Country that I found. Something else I noticed. The tires are bigger in '19 than before. The previous 20" were 265 55R20 where the '19 20" tires are 265 60R20. Just a tad higher sidewall. I guess GM finally realized the 20" tires are just too rough on most of the roads these are driven on. Still not as good as 18", but any improvement is nice.
  7. Should be a nice car. Though I still prefer the looks on the long nose Corvette.
  8. I know 2 Telsa owners. I live in a big oil state, so that's something that I know 2 of them, and in a state where Telsa has not been allowed to setup a dealership. Anyway, both of them were so excited when getting their Model S, but today they are not quite so pleased. It's not that the cars are bad, but the everyday driving experience to them didn't quite turn out so enjoyable as I've been told. They both have odd reasons that change from time to time, like the ride is not that great and that the center display tends to be flakey, etc etc. I know one now just sits in the garage and hardly ever driven. Kind of funny how a name can be so popular, but the reality is not quite as good. But, that's just 2 opinions...
  9. Personally, I think Toyotas are the bottom of the heap as far as looks. ;) But GM did not do this particular version any favors, especially on the interior as I see it most changes there were negatives, not positives. At least they pulled back slightly on the rounded wheel wells. I believe the production trucks wheel wells still have that flattened top, where the pre-production trucks we saw in Texas were very round.
  10. Since GM is being hush hush about it, my first thought was an early production run issue that needs to be resolved before shipping to dealership. Those happen far more often than we hear about. If that is the case, hopefully it's as simple as a software update on the subsystems or something as simple as that.
  11. I cry and complain with my pocket book. They'll listen to that.
  12. No product sold to consumers escapes this issue. You should read on Apple press reviews, it's like the worst in terms of rules and tight leashes. The praise for the 5.3 AND Ford Ecoboost both are warranted though. GM is following suit with the new 4 cyl turbo soon. But the 5.3 keeps upgrading and improving on a tried and true power train that just won't stop.
  13. Nice to hear the smoothed out the ride a lot. GM was great at that before, so they needed to return to that. I'll still wait for the '21 re-do of the small style details and interior, like they normally do 2 years after.
  14. No mysterious "oval" shape under the front this time. Bummer. That was funny.

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