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2003 Allison Transmission Filter?

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I'm getting ready to change the transmission fluid in my 2003 GMC 2500HD 8.1 Liter Gas Engine with Allison Transmission.


What kind of filter does the Allison transmission take and where can I get it?


I'm going to drain the pan, change the filter and fill it back up. I know this will only change about 50% of the fluid in the transmission. Anyone know how much fluid that is?

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dont need a part number ,go to a dealer or parts store and get one ,


DO NOT throw out the magnet that is on top of the the spin on filter


remove the pan and clean it out as well,the filter in the pan is suppost to be a screen but they dont look like a screen to me ,,replace that to,,,no need for a gasket ,they are reusable


put in the oil ,run it on level ground and top it off to full cold and thats it ,you're done


look in owners manual for exact amount for "pan removal and refill",we use liters up here which is close to what dew said


trust the tranny guy !!! lol

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Allison says no need to drop the pan and change internal filter. Drain from drain plug, replace spin on and add 7.4 quarts. Check according to manual.



i know that too ,it doesnt look like a screen to me ,


it cant hurt to change it ,,

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