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coming back to Blackbear! EXCITED!


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I moved from Michigan to Wisconsin in December and needed money badly. I unfortunately sold my auto cal to help with the funds to stay afloat. I've absolutely hated how my truck drove without being tuned after having the tune. I was ruined after having a blackbear tune. It's an absolute must! These nannies in these new trucks drive me nuts! The hesitation and over rev is ridiculous! Luckily Justin Saves all the tunes. I ordered a new auto cal today and he just has to email my tunes back to me!!! I can't wait until it get's here.

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Didn't you have your tunes saved on your PC so they could be reloaded?


That would be ideal, but we lost everything on our computer during the move and we didn't have a back up. We had movers and not sure if there was something that happened on the michigan end or the wisconsin end. We ended up getting a new computer and start fresh. I've absolutely hated driving without my truck tuned. I went to pass three slow moving vehicles the other day which would have sucked me back in my seat a flung me by them all with ease when I mashed the pedal with my tune. I was reminded how lack luster my 2500 HD quad cab really was when I mashed the pedal and the truck revved way up and creeped passed the cars. You really don't know how these newer trucks drive until you tune them. I decided to re-oreder an autocal right away. Luckily Jusin saves copies of all his customers tunes. He will need to just re-email them to me. This time they will be put onto a disk. I thought I saved them to a disk last time, but who knows where they are now. I have already re-downloaded EFI live and just waiting for the autocal and Justin's email. I can't wait!!!!!

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I've actually just found all the email correspondance from when I originally got tuned, but for some reason I'm not finding the email with the original tunes. Who knows what happened with the wife and 3 kids using this thing. I will definitely be backing up to disk......or 2. lol

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