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2007 Express windshield washer fuse or pump removal?

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Washer does not pump. I can ID 3 fuses for the wiper in the owners manual but nothing specific on the pump so first need to confirm what circuit the pump is on (and fuse number from owners manual if possible).


Assuming it is the pump, Is it possible to pull the tank without removing the grill etc? Looks like I might be able to pull the tank by removing the horn to get better access to the fluid tank.

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Well while I waited for a reply I went ahead and learned how to get to the pump without pulling the complete grill. Now I seem to have a slightly different problem.

Disconnected wires from pump and tested with Vohm got 12v for a couple of seconds when the washer was actuated so this means no electrical problems.

Pulled the pump and did a bench test and it ran.

Pluged the pump back into the harness but the pump does not run when the washer switch accuated.


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Headlamp did not light. Heard the relay clicking.

Swapped the washer relay for the horn relay in the fuse box and then the washer worked.

Got a new relay. All is well again

Can only figure that the points in the relay were bad as I did get a voltage reading with the VOM but not enough current to run the pump.


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