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18" or 20" Wheels Options. (Polished or Painted)


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I'm going to need a set of tires soon. I might even try to squeek it through the winter with my factory wheels. Either way when it comes time to get tires I'm going to get wheels. Its just something I do on every vehicle.


Currently I have the 20" polished wheels on the truck but I hate how from the factory wheels have wheel weights mounted on the outside. Once i pop them off i know the clear is going to be screwed up underneath because other than a little pitting in the wheel barrels, a couple lines in the clear, my wheels have no curb rash.


I'm trying to decide what to do for wheels. I like the factory polished wheels. They are nice, look good, easy to clean. The only downfall IMO is they are everywhere.


I'm not looking to lift the truck so my options are. Get 20" wheels and stay running a 275/55/20 or step it down to 18's level the truck, and run 275/65/18's for a more off road look.


These are the wheel finishes I am considering. I'm looking to keep these on year round and spend around $1000. We do have winters here. I clean my truck all the time in the winter. I'd like to swap them but i don't really have room to have a 3rd set of wheels hang around So i'll probably run them year round.


Polished (clear coated) - this is an option but not to many i know are coated other than factory

Chrome - On the fence here. Trying to stay away from chrome just due to the fact it doesn't seem to hold up. It pits and unless you want to spend money for the big buck wheels the chrome flakes off within a year.

Painted/Machine Face - This options seems the most appealing so far. I see a lot of Black/Machine Face. I wouldn't mind gun metal/machine face. Does anyone know of any Gun Metal Grey/ Machine face combos?


I have always liked the look of the KMC XD series wheels and moto metal has caught my eye


Anyone want to weigh in on whether to go with 18's or stick with 20's and maybe toss a style wheel out there?


As for the truck its pretty stock. Aside from color matching bowties, billet grille, and some de-badging.




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Used to be a product called zoop seal i think for polished wheels


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Yeah there was. I tried it on my polished wheels on my car now. Never again. I thought the stuff was a pain to put on and when i wiped it off you could see a little residual stuff on the wheel. I know ppl really swore by it so i tried it. I wasn't impressed. Maybe it would be good for a daily driver but in my case I was putting it on my show car. I just polish the wheels by hand every few months.

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