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Hi, I'm sure this is not where to post this but its my first post.

I was wondering if I should flip my torsion bars on my 2000 sierra with 185,000 miles on the 5.3L instead of replacing them?

Does it really help to flip them?

do I flip front to back and on the same side?

Or do I flip from one side to the other and leave them in the direction they are in?

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

Any info on this topic would be great as my suspension seems to be sagging.



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I have never heard of "flipping" them but sounds reasonable. To apply the force to each bar in the opposite direction the bars would have to be swapped drivers side to passenger and vice versa. In theory it makes sense, if it does work, not sure how long it would last. I assume you already used all of the adjustment in the bolts at the keys?


grapesoda makes a good point, not sure how safe it would be.

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Did a quick google search and found some information that the bars are supposedly pre-stressed and therefore can not be switched side to side. Also, some say the bars are marked L and R, with different part numbers on them.

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Thanks guys,


I had read around the internet where some people were talking about "FLIPPING" but I wasn't sure so I asked.

I always tell my friends and son, do the job right and just spend the money. I always say rigging things is never a good idea if you have the means and the way to do it right and this seems to be one of those instances.

Through my business relationships I can get both sides for about $300 so I think thats what I am going to do.

Thanks again, and I will be using this forum quite often in the future. :ughdance:

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