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My Sierra To Denali Conversion

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2000 GMC Sierra to Denali/C3 Conversion



Did a little something today...

Old bumper removed


New Reinforcement Bar


Test fit the bumper cover. You can see how the urethane is wavy in the center without the filler.


The filler is only a piece of foam. This part was $89.94 :noway:


Fog's come tomorrow along with epoxy primer, clear, adhesion promoter etc. The lower billet grill and clear corners come later this week. Tomorrow I'll remove the Denali punch grill and install my upper billet grill. I'm going to DA the cover while it's mounted, remove again to spray the primer, base and clear. I should be spraying the bumper and mirrors next week.

It's a few inches lower than the bumper I had :D









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I thought about this. What all has to be changed?

The Denali's 01-06 used the 99-02 frame horns. My understanding is you'd have to cut and re-weld 99-02 frame horns on 03+ Sierras.


Reinforcement Bar

Bumper Cover

Bumper Filler

19 Fastners (bolts 2 sizes)

Grill Shell

Fog Lamps

Corner Lamps



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Is this all you are doing because we could use another build thread...

Yeah the Denali Conversion plus re-painting the tailgate, inner bed walls, floor and bulkhead. I'm also color matching the mirrors.


I've taken a lot of how to photos of all the bolts, braces and fasteners during this conversion. There is not a detailed comprehensive "how to" anywhere on the net, I've searched lol. After I spray the cover and get finished with the conversion... I'll post a how to with pics and part numbers If you'd like to sticky it for those looking to do this conversion.

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Well I'll be a suck egg mule. Buy a Silverado and make it into a Denali - I like! And, I kept looking at that transmission cooler, not original, right? Yep, I'd DA the thing too, along with some CZ, RT, and some of that JB! Sorry, but what in the world is DA?

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Got my old billet grill mounted. Needs a slight tilt adjustment and I'm going to trim off the tabs that held the Denali punch grill. No biggie as the assembly has to come off again. Ordered the rest of my paint materials yesterday it arrived today with free shipping :) the fogs also arrived today. Need to scrounge up some fog lamp bolts, can't find them on the interwebs.



The front end is right at 5" from the floor :eek:


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