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Any Explorer drivers??


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Went on a date last night, and took her 2004 Explorer. So I have a few questions. I was driving and noticed, there is no 2wd button. Is the Auto mode in these similar to the way it is on a GM, or can the front end disengage when in Auto? It seems strange to have it always engaged.


Also, she rides in my truck some and loves my iSimple PXDP interface for hooking up her phone. She wants the same thing in the Ford. But it says on their site that it will not work with a Ford radio with a 6 disc changer. Does anyone know of an interface that will work? I'm thinking Christmas present. :lol:


Too bad she didn't get a Tahoe. The Explorer has all the responsiveness and control of a turd in the s-bend. :jester:

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Thanks for the help guys. :lol:


Her brand of vehicle doesn't really matter to me, not my job to fix it.


You should not associate with "those" types of people

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Some years used a full time AWD that was generally rear biased until slippage occurred. No idea on radio enhancements, sorry.

That is correct. I traded a 99 Exploder for my Silverado and I had to rebuild its transfer case. The front driveshaft is always connected to the front axle meaning that it is always spinning. Power only goes to the rear though unless there is slippage then it will connect the front to the rear. The engagement in auto mode is entirely mechanical. It uses eccentric ball bearings to "sense" a speed differential and engage the apply clutches. The electronic shift motor is used to engage 4HI and 4LO. The mechanical engagement is actually a pretty slick setup except for the fact that it requires the front driveshaft to spin all the time.


GMs setup with the front driveshaft not spinning unless it is needed is much better for fuel economy.

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Thanks aflesch! Some things I found said it was a percent divided. Glad you could clarify for me.


I don't understand why they wouldn't give you the option to disengage the front end though. Guess it's ford, maybe that's why there's no option for steering that doesn't suck either. It actually has a little get up and go, but nothing like a 'Hoe or Burb.

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