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Hello, new gmc 2013 sierra 1500 W/T 4.3L

Mocha joe

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I was reading some of the forums on rear main seal leaks. Disappointed to see a common problem through the years. Well, guess what? My truck with 1600 miles on it has oil leaking. Not a puddle maker, but leaking. Been to dealer three times so far. First time they put dye. Second time they put sealant where the screw was showing the leak. Third time they replaced the oil pan gasket. Still leaking. I'm suspecting the rear main seal because it see it damp around bell housing connection to the back of the engine, plus leaks where that little gap and empty screw hole is at the bottom most part of the bell housing. I can't understand GM. I had a huge problem with them back in 2001 with a silverado 1500 4x4, @ thirty thousand miles the engine developed a hole in the cylinder wall, bottom line? Engine shot!! My very first brand new vehicle!! Dissapointed to say the least. Stayed away till now....but...I just don't understand. I'm close to calling a lemon law deal.

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Thanks southCo. Yea it stinks. Now I have a check engine light! I called GM and told them about all that's been going on and that I am at the verge of calling a lemon law issue, or that they should make good and give me another 2013 sierra 1500 W/T truck. Especially since what happened back in 2001. What burns my ass as well as others is that we want to buy American made trucks. We Americans, with our taxes, bailed them out. So what do they do? They build trucks with inferior parts, unless there is a labor issue going on and that can make for some bad truck making, if you know what I am saying. Bummed, but not down!

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